Before a revolution can occur you must first imagine a different state of affairs

The CounterOrder credo: To invert consensus, extract the reciprocal of orthodoxy, turn the world upside down, shake it and see what falls and what remains.

A Vision for the Future after a Nihilistic Revolution

Many ask, what are the benefits of nihilism? In order to see the benefits you must first begin to visualize the nihilistic alternative. Although these images and ideas may seem anachronistic their power and significance should not be underestimated. If you cannot imagine a new situation or event then you cannot achieve it. People build and perpetuate what they already know not what they cannot visualize, this is why revolutions always seem impossible in the present yet inevitable in hindsight. Indeed, history has demonstrated over and over that outcome is defined by boundaries; redefine the boundaries and you will redefine the outcome.

The Nihilistic vision is about a chance to begin again without the shackles of history and the burden of accumulated lies and myths. A new world where you matter because of what you are and what you can do not where you are or what you own. The vision is crucial because one can't conquer the flaws of the present without first imagining the form of the future.

The nihilistic vision is a positive result extracted from a negative event. This vision is very much an apocalypse but only for those that have had their chance and ruined it for everyone, the failing, ruling-elite. Yet for everyone else interested in health and renewal it is a brilliant new dawn. This momentous change is of the near future, looming and portentous, angry and promising like a storm on the horizon. People fear the consequences but the shrewd revel in the bountiful opportunities bestowed by the aftermath for the best time to rebuild is after the storm. For those who heed – prepare for the beginning, it's closer than you think.

The beginning is the end of sin. All transgressions both individual and collective are forgiven and national crimes annulled. There is no redemption ... but there is no guilt; there is flawed human conduct ... but no false justifications.

Our physical living conditions will be revaluated and reformatted, because dense population concentrations characteristic of the urban wasteland act as incubators for virulent and ever more pernicious sicknesses. Deforestation and urban sprawl scatter and disturb natural wildlife allowing disease and vectors to thrive and spread when they would otherwise be kept in check by the natural balance of life. Once these cancers of dysfunctional living are razed and restructured life can finally integrate with the surroundings and we will fit into our environment instead of paving it over.

As living becomes more organic and less artificial the need for imports will decrease and we can rely more on our own collective local efforts. Political power will spread and permeate; instead of blanket edicts from on high, rules and solutions will start and address where they're needed – locally. The power-pyramids that fascists, elitists, and tyrants erect to insulate and perpetuate disproportionate authority while evading responsibility will be crushed. In place of elitist force we’ll have a naturally self-balancing and self-adjusting system characterized by mutual relations and a wide distribution of power.

We will have respect and admiration for life, rather than exploiting it as an ephemeral resource, while always striving to maximize and actualize human potential! Technology in the service of a ruling elite is always abused to keep an antagonistic few in power over everyone else, typically expressed by exaggerating military power or concocting financial mechanisms for inflating the fictional wealth of the ultra-rich. The counter-order alternative will use technological development to expand human capacities and to make the necessities of life more affordable and effective for everyone, freeing us from routine chores and allowing us more time for learning and for rewarding engagement with other people and our environment.

Reciprocally beneficial sexual intercourse is the worship of life and natural human behavior. Through the management of impulse and an awareness of instinctual purpose, rather than the futile attempt to ignore or misdirect, we will do away with associated perversion, repression, and mental illness. In a realm without inconsistent and hypocritical morality and where disingenuous behavior isn’t needed we can say what we feel and expound upon what we really think. By breaking the binders that unnecessarily restrict our society we will create a space for life to be used but not abused, while seeking sensations and smarts amid the unclouded clarity of cogent comprehension. Your greatest gift is your mind and body; don't waste it – utilize it.

Time will no longer accrue into infinity but rather will count down to the next beginning. The calendar will no longer start at 1 but end there. 100-1? 500-1? Details, details... At the top of time, all chains broken, all previous debts public and private will be annulled, all currency voided, all laws deleted.

All paper and electronic money will be zeroed out, and records will be purged to reset ownership and eliminate the tyranny of fictional wealth and the institutions that perpetuate it. Faceless bureaucrats can't manage your care in old age or any age without theft or mismanagement because they have no inherent concern for your well being as only the self does. All buildup, all waste legislation, paperwork, and currency emptied and distributed for recycling and fuel for warming homes.

Everyone can have a new name. Finally, every individual will have the opportunity to describe themselves not as someone else decides but as they decide. What will matter is not what role you play in the dramatic farce of contemporary society but who you really are and what you can contribute. This will finally divide the parasites and the producers. Only those that can and do participate to rebuild will receive any reward or status. The parasites receive nothing but ostracism and death.

Safe havens for solitude and sanity will exist in a physical and non-literal sense, allowing for introspection imagination and reasoning unfettered or oppressed by the intrusive presence of malevolent authority. This freedom of the mind is as important to human life as air and water.

Destruction to the false protectors of harmony and society: all police and military dissolved with their weapons distributed to the participatory social contributors; because the only person that can really defend you is yourself. Through a network of individual militias collective and individual defense assumes its proper role. Thus we each gain freedom, self-sufficiency, purpose, and safety, thereby creating healthier minds and bodies.

A plan is secondary to the ideas because the artificial structures around us, the outcome, is a product of the collective vision and once concepts are implemented details sort themselves out afterwards. New and superior product will grow on the ash heap of the old.

Homo neanderthalensis, beginning around 400,000 years ago, were superseded by our species, Homo sapiens, about 40,000 years ago.The events of the 21st century will not be written by the powers of the 20th. These forces, though appearing unstoppable today, are nevertheless doomed by their very own endogenous flaws; their day in the sun is about to be done. Many will try to revive and reuse but they will all fail, merely replaying the same destructive inevitable. The weaknesses of authorities are the strengths of freedom.

World history is punctuated by deluded masters of conflict, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and even Hitler. What are they known for? Conquering everything and unifying nothing. The nihilistic vision will conquer nothing and unify everything. Today you have the luxury of making the decision your descendants can't, choose carefully which side of the bulldozer to be on.

From revolution into evolution the new human species arrives.

A new playground awaits the few with the capacity and the motivation to reach for it:


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