Original Sin by the Flemish artist Michel van Coxcie 1499-1592
Nihilism General's Warning: The following material is intended for immature audiences only and may produce giddiness and/or hysterical outbursts. If symptoms persist consult your nearest scientician.

Advice not to be taken internally.

Original Sin: 'The state of sin that characterizes all human beings as a result of Adam's fall.'

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 Standard of Success
Race Card

On Sale Now!

Smug & Competitive

Backtalking Bathroom Scale


Booze Rules! (part I)

The Major Killer

Alcohol on the Mind

What is alcohol?

Bad, Bad Booze

Special Effects

Souses & Spouses

Do and Don't

Booze Rules! (part II)

Family & Friends

 Friends & Recovery

Mixed Drugs

Driver Safety

Psychic Advice

Church & God

The Church Gospel

The Church Community

Help God!

Communist Effort

Church Growths

Crutch Membership

Set an Example

Growling for God

Church Time &
 Hard Labor

Lent Services

What Would Jesus Believe?

Drugs & Addiction

Addiction Assistance


The Stimulant Answer

The MaryJ Effect
Do The Heroin Math

The Cost of Addiction

Drug Dilemma

Hope of Recovery

Family Recovery

Half Baked

Inhalant Harm

Fun with Opiates

An RX for Trouble


Drug Losers

Inhale and Learn

Treating Addicts

Pot 101

Positive Addiction

Drug Work

Can You Recover?

Members Help

Doctor Dollars

Mime Act

Three Stages of Loss

Hollywood & Entertainment

Budget Cinema,
 No plot? No Problem!
It's Broadway!

TV Guide

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The Goldtone Collection

MindNumb Entertainment

Movie Talk

Prop Comic

Got Money?

Unwise Investment Choices

God is Money

Why Have a Will?

Your Will

Safety or Security

Safety Rules!


Power Slave

Rule of Law

Expect the Unexpected

Follow the Leader

Family Pogrom


Keep Reachin' for it!

School & Tests

Test Anxiety: Essays

The Test Affected

Educated Guess

Deal With Anxiety

Test Anxiety Tips

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The College Try

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Sex Tips

Why Wait For It?

Be Assertive



Shameful Guidance


Just say 'Yo!'

Abstinence Friends

Loss of Interest

Sex Quiz

Phone Sex

Smoked Out

Quitting Smoking

Smoking Challenge

Believe it or Not!

Smokin'  Hell

They Might Be

Smoking Reward

Smoke Free

Conflict of Values

A Peaceful Solution

Beating Bullying
Value Action

Violence or Vandalism?

What are Values?

Work for it

How to Start a Conflict

Learn Conflict
Piece of Conflict

Questions or Answers

A Future for Values

Attack Others


Unique Values

High Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Influence

Low Self-Esteem Signs

FOX News Values

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Change Your Habits

Get Help

Stressed In

Stressful Anxiety

Why Stress Out?

Relax Dammit!

Stress Problems

Stress Time

Drug Work

The 'Intern'

Stress Relief

... and the rest

The Channel Surfer

The Instant Loser

There's one born
 every minute

A Rorschach Test

The Reupholsterer

The Bad Parent

The Weakest Link

The 'Mechanic'

The Big Appetite

Crazy Talk

Lost Patient

Demonic Possession

Big News

The Comedian

The Weight Loser

Domestic Dispute

Apologies to all those not offended.

A Note on the Humor of Original Sin Comics

Encephalitic heads, excessive 80s hairstyles, preachy dialogue, outrageous teen behavior and drug-addled addicts: these are the priceless elements of Scriptographic entertainment.

Scriptographic booklets are produced by a company in Massachusetts that covers every topic of social concern, and then some, from drugs to safety and even religion. Groups or individuals with enough money can even contract with them to have their own booklet made, as the Disciples of Christ did in the unforgettable pamphlet 'About The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)'.

I admire the way the Scriptographic booklets distill complex issues and ideas into very simple and easy to understand concepts that just about anyone can figure out. Also admirable, despite the low-resolution graphics and the fact that many were written up to 20 or more years ago, they still retain a timeless quality.

These booklets have a wide variety of uses, but the delivery is often marred by a fundamental disconnect with the target audience. All too often, especially the drug and alcohol messages, have the tone of an adult (psychologist) talking, or rather preaching, to a kid and that just doesn’t work to convince anyone. Those subtle nuances of reality tend to subvert much of the simplified messages. For instance, drinking alcohol doesn't turn most people into an alcoholic or a drunk-driving social menace just like smoking marijuana doesn't make most people hazards to society or even themselves. When credibility is eroded, even in just one instance, it tends to nullify all the other messages, even the valid ones. Although the intended message may not always be very effective, on a different level, the hard-sell propaganda has exactly the qualities that make it such a perfect and nearly inexhaustible source of satire!

It seems that the biggest problem Scriptographic booklets have is in addressing cultural differences. While they may function adequately well for American audiences they often fail miserably reaching other groups. As hard as it is for some to recognize just by drawing in an Asian guy or a Black girl it doesn't mean you're really connecting with that audience and their particular concerns.

In England every university has a campus pub and every soldier gets a booze ration. Germans guzzle beer by the barrel, they even buy a "McBeer" with a Big Mac and then they hop in the Volkswagen and race down the autobahn without a speed limit. Yet, oddly enough in both cases, they have much less of an alcoholism problem than in America. In American culture there's no sense of moderation and even less desire to achieve it. Maximum corporate profit is predicated upon excess consumption by product purchasers, hence the buying of "super-sized value meals" for "economy sized" profits, and the insatiable appetites of obese, bloated bodies. It shouldn't be surprising that in many social circles alcohol consumption is largely interpreted as binge drinking.

Against such influential cultural and economic forces even the noble effort of social reform and Scriptographic booklet alike are blunted into becoming a greater source of amusement than social betterment. 20.01.07

Homeland Insecurity

So just what are these pictures really saying?
Who knows, but here are some guesses:

Doors make excellent entryways during an emergency but watch your head!
When in an emergency do not under any circumstances get trapped under rubble.
A little industrial chemistry will cure what ails ya.
The Homeland Insecurity
Warning Codes
Is that guy an Arab or just a swarthy Italian?
Buy war bonds and stuff them in your safest mattress.
Scared yet?
Be afraid, be very afraid
Somewhere, sometime something bad will happen
- we just know it.
When looting in the aftermath of a disaster be sure to take these items from the nearest home or store window.
At first sight of flames don't run like a crazed baboon, stick around and wait for all the fire trucks to arrive.
When sprayed with a highly infectious biological agent stand around and try to identify the odor in case the emergency medical crew asks.
When looking for your contact lens in a smoke-filled room - try the floor first.
Tired of boring old dynamite for your bombs? Try adding a scoop or two of radioactive ingredients to spice it up.
In case of nuclear attack DO NOT let your house catch on fire. Use a garden hose if necessary.
In case of terrorist attack use ordinary tap water to wash your hands.
When cooking lutefisk indoors be sure to open a window.
During emergencies some poor souls may spontaneously de-evolve into more primitive forms of life.
Hazardous radioactivity is known to frequent fallout shelters, avoid both at all costs.
If anything bad happens in Texas play it up big and try to pin it on terrorists conveniently located in a country you already wanted to invade anyway.
Try to be located as far from a nuclear blast as possible to receive less deadly radiation.
Do not immediately enter a burning building. Wait for the news teams to show up and then be a hero.
In case of serious medical emergency make sure you live in a state with a functional health-care system.
If you have thinning hair blow on a rescue whistle. If you are completely bald scream for help.
If a door won't open, just use your massive, overweight bulk to break it down. Beware of doors marked 'PULL'.
If you experience difficulty washing your hands during an emergency call 911 immediately.
Your computer is programmed to protect you in case of building cave-in.
If you experience delays getting to work, try painting a red-cross on your briefcase and posing as an emergency worker.

Produced March 2003

"There's that illusion that we can control the uncontrollable. When, in fact, something like an earthquake might be a good thing. It wouldn't necessarily be bad if our way of life was destroyed or changed dramatically. We have this craving for comfort and continuity. But at the same time we insulate ourselves against anything that might be better." From: Interview With Chuck Palahniuk, The [UK] Telegraph newspaper, July 27th, 2001.


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