Take a look at your world through the eyes of a Nihilist

The Nihilist says, I want to see things as they really are.

"Trust your leaders"

Exhibit A: a Constitutional law professor who said "I actually respect the Constitution", then orders the murder of American citizens
We're the national heroes who gave you five decades of cold-war waste, fear and terror. Did you like it?
Royal ruse:
Prince Charles' anti-breast cancer scheme nets one
Friends in (nuclear) arms and masters of the Slave State: Jiang Zemin (China) & Kim Jong Il (North Korea)
Freedom™ and Democracy™ brought to Iraq courtesy of George W. Bush, Incorporated
I hid in a bunker beneath Nebraska while America burned, then I lied to start a war and look like a hero.

Now I fight for Jesus while playing on Team Israel.

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and U.S. President George W. Bush in Jerusalem on January 9, 2008.

... they serve themselves

"Support the military"

Civil War in Colombia: no end in sight thanks to the ‘War on Drugs’
Clean up on aisle three
I want YOU to die for a corrupted political entity usurped by corporate powers so a series of mendacious tyrants can raise taxes and rob your freedoms!
If you were alive in Dresden you'd be home now

Plastic land-mine lovingly placed here by the soldiers

Such is the awesome effectiveness of the U$ war-machine that this clearly marked Red Cross food warehouse in Afghanistan required two non-consecutive air strikes before it could be successfully neutralized.

Trained to kill
US troops do it to Iraqis as heroes, then they do it in America and they’re criminals.

The few, the proud, the serial rapists
The US Marines just can’t keep it in their pants on Okinawa. After 60+ years of occupation local anger is easily ignored.

... it's purpose is to murder, cripple, subdue and keep the type of people showcased above in power over you

"Buy into the system"

"New economy" success story, Enron was created through government deregulation, enthusiastically recommended to investors by Merrill Lynch and audited by Arthur Anderson - the most trustworthy in the business.
Empty head - empty calories - empty wallet. A symbol is only as meaningful as the substance (if any) behind it.
1929 / death in a dustbowl. They trusted the banks, they trusted the investment advisers and they believed in their government. In return they received starvation, poverty and ruin. And who 'solved' the crisis they created?

... and it will own you.
Never forget, the sole purpose of every employee is to increase shareholder wealth. How much of that wealth will you see?

"Find the peace and comfort of religion"

In Belfast you can just feel the Christian love in the air
A caged "life" of religion in Afghanistan
 The Catholic Church, as an unquestioned bastion of "family values", hid the heinous acts of their priests so they could continue sexually abusing children for decades.
In the holy name of G-d and Zionism - find somewhere else to live

... it will never let you to be free

"Fight back with the ideologies of the past"

The lord of labor Karl Marx: "what I meant to say was, 'arbeit macht frei!' ... oh wait"
"What do you mean you're not rich yet? I am" Global capitalists gladly genuflect to Greenspan's greenbacks
I cannot tell a lie - constitution can't save you now

... carrot or club they'll beat you into the same grave because they're corrupted to empower dictators and enslave the people

"Idolize Professional Sports"

Mike Tyson: a class act all the way.
Football superstar OJ Simpson’s 1994 booking photo

He’s still searching golf courses for the REAL killer.

Remember kids: don’t use drugs, like we do!

Think you can be a pro player too? Get real: false hope keeps you swingin’ for the system.

"Trust the TV"

Living fossil and narcissistic megalomaniac Sumner Redstone (not his real name). The teens dance to his musical tune every afternoon
FAUX News brought to you by Rupert 'government approved censorship pays (for me)' Murdoch
Predatory sex offender Jimmy Savile receives knighthood from Queen
Knighted TV star Jimmy Savile sexually abused his fans for 50 years, while the media controllers looked the other way.
Now they control both your computer and your TV,  and your radio,
and your newspaper and your magazines ...

... it controls what you know because it limits what you see

Now's the time to burn them all, once and for all

Every glory
Every high
Every war
Every bad guy
Every structure
Every belief
Every edifice on which we sleep,
And it’s a lie
And it’s a lie
– 'The Billionaire’s Bullshit Machine',
David Thrussell


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