ANOMIE (n) social instability resulting from a breakdown of standards and values / alienation and uncertainty that comes from a lack of purpose or ideals.

Death to Government

Mass murder is not a natural state of affairs but rather one that must be organized and engineered by a central authority. From Stalin to Pol Pot only government powered by wayward ideology can compel its citizens to obey such destructive dictates.

It takes a government to create mass starvation; look at Zimbabwe today under the guidance of the racist Marxist Robert Mugabe. Why do North Koreans eat grass and sell human flesh for food? It's not because they don't know how to farm, it's because food production is controlled by the central authority.

But of course our government is safe and trustworthy so don't worry about it, right? Many forget that Hitler was democratically elected by a significant margin in a legitimate election. And who kicked all of the Japanese, legal citizens by the way, out of their homes and locked them up in internment camps during World War II? That same U.S. government (and the Soviets too) tested atomic bombs on their very own soldiers, the same ones that fought to defend their country!

American soldiers soaking up the gamma rays on the beach at Enewetak atoll, 1956. Those nuclear blasts sure light up the nighttime darkness eh?

The first atom bomb used in war was dropped on Hiroshima and targeted a Japanese military headquarters. However it's a little known fact that the American military knew they would vaporize not only 20,000 Japanese soldiers in their barracks but also American POW's being held in a prison there! And what did the 'peacemaker' president Harry Truman have to say about that very event? "This is the greatest thing in history!" I rest my case.

"The US and the Soviet Union each spent the equivalent of 10 trillion dollars on the arms race." Mikhail Gorbachev, July 2002

Even a cursory study of recent history provides a damning portrayal of the hazards of centralized authority, and the bigger and more distant it is from the people the worse it gets. Never, ever, ever concede power to persons that can avoid the consequences resulting from their actions.

Death to God

The stupidest, most mind stifling, self-destructive notions can always find an open opportunity to perpetuate in the skepticism-free safe haven of religion. Here are a few cursory examples:

  • Orthodox Jews won't touch a light switch on the Sabbath, many refuse to touch a phone to call an ambulance either and definitely not if the unfortunate victim happens to be a gentile.

  • Christianity still thinks evolution is a fiction, these are the same people that caged the great mind of Galileo under permanent house arrest for supporting the appalling heresy of *gasp* the Earth revolving around the sun and not the other way around! And if Galileo had been less famous he would have been tortured and executed. The Christian Church used to put animals on trial for crimes against God and they accepted cash payments for the forgiveness of sins – even for dead relatives!

  • Today, even though many Amish buildings are destroyed by lightning-induced fires they refuse to add lightning rods to their buildings because they believe such things are contrary to God's will.

  • And what of Islam that doesn't even want women to drive cars, and forces them to wear head-to-toe black robes in the broiling desert heat? Islam's hatred for women is only matched by Judaism's. In fact. misogyny is so much a general trait of all the dominant religions it may as well be a defining characteristic.

Confusing? Doesn't make sense? Of course – it's religion! The less logic it contains the more it can only be understood by faith, and faith means obedience to the interpreters of the manufactured confusion.  This is the power of the priesthood class, they profit from ignorance and blind belief. "Well, religion is a collective insanity, the more powerful because it is traditional folly, and because its origin is lost in the most remote antiquity," - Bakunin.

Death to Ideology

Highlighted in a recent book review – the conveniently forgotten war crimes perpetrated by the Communist liberators of Germany. Those heroes of the Motherland somehow found the time between shaking hands with allied American soldiers and building 'Iron Curtains' to gang rape literally every woman they could get their hands on throughout eastern Europe. The author wryly states "If anything, the events of 1945 reveal how thin the veneer of civilization can be when there is little fear of retribution. It also suggests a much darker side to male sexuality than we might care to admit." [1]

Yeah, no shit Sherlock, it doesn't take Andrea Dworkin to figure that one out. All animal species operate under the same sexual principle of reproduction by every means possible and (news flash) most of those bipeds so generously referred to as Homo sapiens have very little inner desire to actually act like human beings when they can act like animals instead. The sad truth is that most people will do about anything if they think they can get away with it.

"The Red Army had managed to convince itself that because it had assumed the moral mission to liberate Europe from fascism it could behave entirely as it liked, both personally and politically." [1] Death to communism, death to fascism, and death to everything in between. What did either side gain besides some 30 million dead?! Fuck their wars. I've seen videos of World War II German news films; you should too if you get the chance. Germanic robots eagerly dying in pools of blood and mud just inches from that unreachable goal promised them by their benevolent leaders so their wives, sisters and daughters could be mass raped, tortured and murdered back home. Meanwhile those precious few with enough smarts to refuse to participate in the orgy get a slave manufactured, government-stamped bullet implanted into their brain at Mach two.

And just like clockwork, once again our benevolent leaders concoct another world war against evil, this time it's terrorism replete with all the typical propaganda – 'axis' of evil' and 'them against us' the Godly saints versus the filthy demons all perfectly packaged propaganda properly priced for all the citizens to gladly pay for in blood and taxes.

It's long overdue but nihilism will steal their ammunition literally and figuratively once and for all. Communists will die for communism, fascists will die for fascism and the religious will die for religion, and with them all gone the nihilistic remainder will joyfully inherit the planet.

Death to Purpose

Here's a good way to start a conversation, just ask someone, "is there any rational purpose to cosmic existence?" Can they give a serious answer? And could this dearth of logical purpose explain rampant consumerism, drug abuse, entertainment escapism and suicide?

So then, what are we here for? The intellectuals take a stab and walk away bloody. The misfiring synapses in Nietzsche's syphilis corroded brain spoke in mystical tones on the expression of power embodied in the Zarathustrian superman. Carl Sagan took a few hits off his joint and told us, it's all about fathoming the infinities of the cosmos, man. North American pioneer Freydis (the first) simply fought her way through the mess and took what she wanted. Freydis II implies that there is no reason, so don’t waste the effort. Now true, taking advice from any of those persons should probably be accompanied by one of those lengthy legal warnings that come with computer software, but nevertheless the real problem is that everyone tries to find a reason regardless of the dangers. It's human nature. Although we may know why things are, none of it seems to serve any goal. Yet we're programmed to believe, or more accurately predisposed to believe, that everything has a goal and purpose. So we revert to mystical notions to avoid dealing with it. The result is religion, the manic faith in unassailable fiction as an intentional avoidance of the rational lack of logical purpose for existence beyond tautology.

Some are more predisposed than others to need convenient lies. Culture is really the vehicle with which all these irrational beliefs and practices are conveyed. Some people are so defined by their body of beliefs that they commit suicide when those cultural values and ideas are discredited. But what would you do if everything you'd been taught and all that you thought was true and your entire way of life was turned upside down overnight? Mass suicide is so common anymore it's practically a fashion statement. If cult leader Jim Jones had been alive during the 80s MTV would have been all over him like stink on a monkey.

'First-Nation' archaic cultures are the most obvious victims of anomie occurring from the head on collision between modern high-tech culture and stone-age subsistence living. But even within the modern western world the effects of science and technology are taking their toll – continually changing, revolutionizing, and discrediting tradition. School shooting anyone? Another kernel pops, the news crews package the carnage into a 60 second evening spot and everyone not dead takes an aspirin for the sense of mild unease and tries to get some sleep for the early work day tomorrow.

Rewind to the opposite extreme, now we see why intentionally irrational movements exerted such a significant influence during the tumultuous 20th century. From the pure emotional incitement of Dada art to the expression of raw animal power in Fascism, trying to not make sense actually takes a lot of effort and produces some strange results. Humanity slams into yet another cinder block wall. The people were just as exploitable as religious believers were because once again they had no objective references; they castrated their minds and robbed themselves of their only defense – skepticism and critical thought. So there you have it, within the modern milieu faith leads to suicide as the flawed notions are continually discredited, reason leads to nihilism, and irrationality leads to mass destruction. Decided yet?

The bottom line is that an awareness of continuity is necessary for sanity and contentment (if you study nothing else in life, study history). In practice this means a comprehension of past coupled with a reasonable expectation of the self continuing into the future, in some form or another. This is the root psychology of human purpose. Basically all of human endeavor is wrapped up within the inveterate quest for immortality.

But even if everlasting life in a literal, physical sense is impossible it can nonetheless be achieved in a vicarious but very significant way. This practical immortality can take multiple forms from genetically similar offspring to more vague concepts like heroic altruism, fame, and glory. Indeed the most successful here have themselves interjected into the very fabric of culture, an estimable means of perpetuating legend to be sure. The secondary benefit to achieving these coveted statuses is that it enhances every other element of social success; celebrities never have any problems finding money or mates.

Death to Culture

Although culture is as palpable as it is immeasurable it's really just a collection of common beliefs, values, and ideas that slowly change with the winds of fashion and perception. Culture also functions as a means of conveying collective knowledge from one generation to the next; and indeed many animals have culture too, so it’s not even unique to humans. As participants, willing or otherwise, culture serves as a dimension with which to perpetuate the concept of self. Culture is proxy immortality for the participants, a selfish gift to the next generation.

The information being conveyed within culture doesn’t even have to be useful, indeed most of culture is purely arbitrary and of no functional utility. Garbage and poison spread just as quickly as health and optimism. Much of cultural knowledge was useful in the past but isn’t any longer, and may even be harmful to development, but it gets pushed forward by inertia and habit. And individual identities get wrapped up in culture when that's what one is born into and all one knows. However, if that culture is dying then the individual's identity bound to it is doomed as well. The outmoded or future-less culture is now effectively marooned along with the individuals encased inside it. Life becomes absurd and the values of death become more desirable than those of life (they get to the inevitable conclusion quicker). Collective suicide ensues, for without a cultural vehicle to perpetuate the self, life for the individual becomes meaningless as it lacks any future. Native tribes and similar archaic cultures are much more susceptible to this than modern cultures because they've been isolated and insulated from change for thousands of years.

So, a culture that isn't questioned or revaluated, destroyed and reinvented, is a hopeless loop of history repeating itself where subsequent generations must repeatedly toil against the same pain and wrestle the same fictional demons. Culture unquestioned is just habit – it's the comfort of routine within the context of perceived history. So it’s entirely natural for youth to revolt against the culture of their parents and their ancestors in order to test the necessity and validity of established cultural notions, to rid the world of dead and obsolescent ideas and harmful beliefs, and at the same time to craft an identity for themselves that's built from the foundation of the past and combined with their assessment of the present in order to survive and prosper in the future.

Don’t cling to culture or hide behind it – it’s not a solid rock or an absolute value that must be, or even can be, perpetuated forever. To believe otherwise is to become a slave to your ancestors and the past, unable to adapt to the present, and doomed to a miserable future.

We know what culture comes from and what purpose it serves but the important issue is what form should our culture have, what values are it based on and perpetuating? If it's based upon faith in fantasy it will inevitably crumble to dust and spin everyone attached into disorder and self-destruction. If it is based instead on facts and skepticism it will have greater longevity while generating peace and prosperity for the cultural participants.

Death to the Ego

One of the recurring themes within nihilism is that individual worth is vastly inflated by the subjective self, through narcissism and what's popularly referred to as the 'ego' – that selfish urge inherent within human nature. For example, the belief in life after death didn't arise by accident, and neither did the common conception of one's self as the most important entity in the universe. It's an understandable survival tactic because it covers up existential doubts and provides reassurances, but it can also lead to a skewed perception that nothing else matters so when those feelings are at an emotional nadir suicide is the only way out. This is a particular hazard if you lack any internal validation, or your identity is attached to a crumbling culture filled with contradictions.

Eternal life in another realm after death is only an illusion, but it's a potent one, just think of Jihad warriors and suicide bombers blasting body parts all over the street with a blind faith in the fiction of a heavenly afterlife.

In fact, the common conception of the individual, and biological identity, is so far skewed from physical reality that some form of cultural turmoil is inevitable when the contradictions inevitably crumble. Most people don't even realize what they really are. The human body is not really a singular entity but rather an interconnected system, one that can only survive as a habitat for other life. In fact, about 90 percent of the cells in your body are microbes, and only the remaining 10 percent are human! [2]

Physics doesn't care, genetics is pitiless, and the whole universe doesn't give a damn because it's all operating on a time scale significantly longer than any single human life. For instance, if you were the only one on Earth, your value is 100 percent. Add another and it drops to 50 percent, four equals? And 6 billion equals? This is not negating individual value and input, it's just trying to put it in a more accurate context. Trade unions highlight this with the concept of worker solidarity and general strikes; meaning that although any single worker or individual can be easily replaced by another to work for the system, collectively the public has significant power.

Myths, narcissism and ignorance form a toxic brew that just makes life harsh, restrictive and unpleasant. It's time to frame identity and ego within a functional context and start relying on evidence, instead of just making it up.

Death to the Money Morality

Pol Pot was the only communist ever to have gone so far as to actually put his money where his mouth is, revolutionarily speaking, and ban currency entirely. It's also the only thing he ever regretted doing. Few Americans would ever dream of trying what Pol Pot did because they love money. But the love of money is also viewed as a negative thing so it's carried under the proxy banner of the 'free economy' of unfettered capitalist trade, which sounds more acceptable because it implies that even people without any money can potentially acquire copious amounts of it too, someday, perhaps ... not.

However, anymore this disingenuousness is the source of significant criticism from both ends of the political spectrum. It may be called a 'free market' but that phrase could not be more misleading. If it's a free market why is everything regulated? And why do the rules keep changing? And why do the same people keep winning?

The true power of a government is money – the ability to print it, spend it and tax it. Rob authority of that power and you have an impotent regime, laws are useless and the military will quit if you don't pay them. Pol Pot's lament! Ultimately it's impossible to have any kind of equitable system and certainly not any element of social harmony within a true free market without vitiating the cultural values of the money morality.

Few know this but before World War II only a very few rich Americans had to pay any income taxes. It was not until Roosevelt's war and the trillions spent maintaining the ruse of the Cold War that average Americans had to pay anything to the federal government in income taxes! But as a side benefit to government, high taxes make subsidies that much more effective, meaning it enhances their ability to enact value goals. After all, a tax break doesn't work if you're not paying anything to begin with.

But first let's back up a bit, what is money or an economy anyway? Money is like water, it always flows downhill but what it does in between can be manipulated and the economy is like the topology, the surface land. Within a fluid and open economy the most powerful influence enacting desired values is the tax code. Taxes and money laws are like the dams and canals for waterways. It's a universal rule that a person will work harder if they think it benefits them personally, this is the 'secret' to capitalist success. An open economy plus regulated tax and financial codes create the incentive, and the entrepreneurs and industrialists go for the bait and construct the valued items and goals in the process.

Remember, money is a symbol, the cash you spend on beer, pizza, rent or anything else is called fiat currency because it's not backed by gold or anything of value except the reputation of the printing agency, in the case of America this is the Federal Reserve for bills and the Treasury for coins. Governments love this kind because the money supply can be inflated (printed up) at any time in any (reasonable) amount as deemed necessary for political or economic reasons. The consequence for this is a decline in value; for instance the British Pound has lost 100% of its value over 100 years, meaning what could be bought with a penny then, now takes an entire Pound note. America has a loophole called 'Dollar hegemony' but that's another story.

The point is that money is a symbol, the tax policy is a tool, and both are value neutral in and of themselves. It would be self-destructive to eliminate them because it's not the money, it's not even the economy, it's the values, stupid (a bumper sticker slogan for nihilists)! The values and the people pushing those values are the problem; they use those tools to generate the product. Economics is riddled with value judgments, for example should we take the expensive option and recycle everything thereby increasing present living conditions? Or just throw it away decreasing living conditions but giving us more money to spend to perhaps fix the problem? Here's another fairly neutral example, the tax structure, coupled with values such as home ownership, privacy, and national defense created the interstate highway system, the suburbs, the private real estate market, and the axis of American money purchases: the house. Suburbia was crafted through favoritism in tax laws driven by a desire for neat, private, single family dwellings away from the city. A goal that simple probably generated  the largest movement of people and construction endeavors in world history. Values drive the vision, and in an open economy the vision is built using money tools.

The industrialists and the entrepreneurs will always follow the money, they always follow the simplest and most consistent of rules: personal profit. Collective success comes not from vitiating these dupes but from manipulating them.

Death to the Love Delusion

Even the most enigmatic and bathetic of topics for poets and philosophers, love, is just simple chemicals in the brain. Sexual and maternal bonding is just oxytocin from the pituitary gland. Love is the triumph of group over individual, of gene over carrier; it's a temporary insanity of sorts that shuts down parts of the brain that might start asking inconvenient questions at the wrong time. At best, love is merely a synchronous delusion, or as H.L. Mencken put it, "love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."

Love is primarily an irrational expression and this contention is supported by the stunningly typical expression of regret all relationships encounter when the chemicals wear off. Think of how many marriages end in divorce. Besides that, the modern divorce rate is more an expression of the freedom western society allows within relationships and the egregious allowances of love that have not been enjoyed on a comparable scale anywhere in recorded history. Instead of having a mate chosen by parents, clan, or lack of alternatives within cloistered societies, the decision rests solely upon the individual's personal discretion, or lack of it. So this decision is now determined by the fleeting whims of emotion with minimal social pressure for long-term success or even a fundamental compatibility between individuals! Thus cohabitation is increasingly popular because it's a superficial way of circumventing the obligations of a legal partnership.

And I feel like a beetle on its back
And there's no way for me to get up
Love'll get you like a case of anthrax,
And that's something I don't want to catch

- Anthrax by Gang of Four

The trouble with love is that for far too many the delusion takes over before coherent thought enters the equation. Love is an entirely natural sentiment but the vast majority have no idea what they really want out of life or a relationship, and so it's all cultural fantasies and imagination destined for a rude realization when it's too late anyway. The victims of this widespread stupidity, ignorance and social-incompetence are the children of such relationships. We'd all be better off if they'd just grasp the fact that if you can't get it right don't do it at all. Unfortunately for the rest of us, and social harmony in general, our present errant culture prides itself on perpetuating the triumph of love over reason as well as over mental and physical health. Knowing this doesn't make the effect of love any less powerful but the awareness of being manipulated coupled with the powerlessness to rise above creates a maddening feeling, a negative stimulus in stark contrast to the positive of acquiescence. 'The Lovers II' by René Magritte of Belgium, 1898 – 1967  Indeed, even love has a nihilistic quality to it, an ineluctable inevitability that destroys the old self to create a new life with someone else. This reminds us of how much of human behavior is driven by forces we cannot control. Freedom? Liberty? One wonders!

"Marriage is the only adventure open to the cowardly." - Voltaire

The only inalienable rights are those derived from the genetic imperative, all else is fiction. And yet to defy that nature is not only counterproductive but essentially impossible. Nonetheless, genes can’t plan ahead; they can only spread or go extinct based on circumstance. As sentient beings struggling to survive in an over-populated world of diminishing resources we have the burden of making strategic decisions, and we must never ignore, through delusion or intent, our own fundamental biological elements.

Death to Philosophy

Albert Einstein once stated that, "The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible." Philosophy fixates on the apparent complexity of nature and classical thinkers ponder the grandeur and mystery of the universe. Yet one who constructs a conclusion using the building blocks of scientific knowledge eventually reaches a stunning, inescapable, and diametrically opposed conclusion. Existence is so absurdly simple it's utterly disheartening.

Yet simultaneously the source of life's excitement is the unknown, the chance and risk residing within all new encounters. Take it away, make everything predictable, knowable, and the result is stasis, boredom, hatred for life and eventual suicide. Making things predictable has the unintended effect of eroding grandeur and destroying drama. Just think of the simple fact that the laws of the universe and biology are all even capable of being comprehended with a modicum of human effort. The fact that things are both consistent and quite understandable is utterly devastating to philosophical thought.

Popular perceptions are really just profound misunderstandings of simplicity. Welcome to reality – mystery is dead, philosophy is dead, faith is dead, love is dead, and hedonism is boring.

Death to Liberty

Like so many other ideals the populace desires, although they may wish for freedom from control they don’t wish to live with the consequences. Wars are declared, invasions launched and authority enforced all in the name of freedom. Nearly every political or social movement and economic reform is based on precepts of freedom, liberty and so on. Free economics only enriches the already rich. Adam Smith’s 18th century treatise The Wealth of Nations on unfettered market capitalism was the philosophical groundwork for Laissez Faire economics or as he called it "a system of perfect liberty". Over 200 years later we’ve found that pure freedom does not and never has existed. What does exist, and always has, is a system of power and authority and each side continually attempting to maximize its own benefit, often at the expense of the other side. The ironic truth is that the most desirable system of government is one that doesn’t function efficiently!

People don’t really want freedom and liberty because that means other people will have freedom and liberty too. What most really want is safety and regulation and a double standard. People really want equal opportunity but no responsibility for their own failures within a system based on merit, but at the same time one that blocks new entrants in order to keep out the competition and hold what they’ve earned (or stolen). The only remotely effective system of controlled power and the maintenance of freedom yet found is one that pits one side against another in a standoff. The Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) policy with the Cold War’s nuclear weapons was 50 years of pseudo-peace.

In actuality personal freedom and liberty is a lofty, hazy ideal that is continually being used by despots and democrats alike to sugarcoat their policy actions just long enough to get the public to swallow a poison pill. The French Revolution, one of the bloodiest and most fratricidal civil wars in modern history, was founded on the three ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity. Despite the fervency of the participant’s beliefs in those three values the outcome had little if anything connected to them, just the twisting torment of a hopelessly distorted society attempting to reconcile archaic values with modern realities. Not until a military dictator took power did any group begin to get the things they wanted and it didn’t take long for Napoleon to piss away France’s military conquests after that! Hell of a long way to go just to get the metric system!

Real freedom and liberty is barely recognizable when compared to the nebulous ideal. Complete liberty is a myth and real freedom is a compromise because every human individual exists within and because of a complex network of social connections and inter-relationships. In practice nobody can just do anything they want because the freedom of one will invariably impinge upon the freedom of another!

Death to the Y-Chromosome

Many things are confusing because we're unable to see them in proper perspective due to bias or ignorance. Contrary to popular perception, reality is not constructed in human dimensions. The real biological driving force is not the human body but the genes that build it, a concept first formulated by William Hamilton. Evolution works through the genes, not through the individual. “Our genes are not serving us at all. It is the other way round. We are serving them — faceless, thoughtless, and ruthless.” [4] This is why sex is such a source of endless discord, contention and social trouble because the two opposing forms, XX and XY, are in direct competition with each other, with different needs and, very often, dissimilar goals.

Look around you and think for a moment. You’ll eventually discover that essentially all our artificially induced problems can be traced back to man’s reckless abuse of wealth, property, and power and woman’s machinations to exploit male cravings for her own benefit. The Y-chromosome that creates men and sex has no conception of future or consequences; it only seeks to reproduce as rapidly and widely as possible without regard to anything else. In the process it has created a synthetic, toxic world that is killing and poisoning itself and everything else along with it. Clearly, this is an issue of profound proportion that takes us to the very roots of the established socio-biological order. Recognizing the true dimensions of a problem is the first step towards rectifying the situation.

Death to Morality

The time to take out the trash and clean up the human detritus is way past due, the stink of rot gets worse every day. The issue of waste product sterilization is no longer a when but a how. This is the contemporary world in the crowded urban sewer of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, violence and mental as well as environmental damage.

The primary source of our present pains of collective angst necessitating drastic actions is not in debate. It has had a death-grip on western civilization for centuries, culminating in the present lunge at world domination while yielding generation after generation of compounded mistakes. The death of all religious, mystical, theological, dogmatic and faith-based morality is the top task of true concern. These false morality systems are public enemy number 1, 2, 3 and 4000. Anything and everything 'good', 'evil' or ambivalent that works towards the total vitiation of them from the public conscience is more than preferable, it’s necessary because it has put us in this chthonic wasteland we're collectively in today.

Religion and blind-faith contradict human nature and teaches everyone to hate their humanity, to hate and detest everything that they naturally are, to utterly despise the very reason for their existence and replace it entirely without question or criticism with a groveling belief in slavery to a mystical master. Instead of balance and order in life it only brings imbalance and disorder, a chronic sense of unease and an artificial chaos that can only be alleviated through deeper subservience to the all-mighty holy answer-man and his earthly representatives. Instead of normal human nature to love friends and hate enemies it teaches the fantasy of total (spiritual) love. Instead of criticism and independent thought it teaches obedience and repetitive oaths of faith.

In contrast to the do-what-God-and-his-holy-book-says morality, nihilistic morality is beautifully simple for it's to be what you are. A true freedom to be sure and yet no freedom is free. The catch is you must take responsibility for everything that you do. You can't deflect it to the Devil or to God but only to yourself. Nor has causality been repealed. If you look you'll notice that the universe has it's own way of punishing intransigence because there's no 'free lunch' and every benefit has a cost, every reward comes with a price tag.

"Indeed, against these [natural] laws revolt is not only forbidden - it is even impossible. We may misunderstand them or not know them at all, but we cannot disobey them; because they constitute the basis and fundamental conditions of our existence." – Bakunin

Artificial law is primarily an exercise in futility because forcing someone to be something they aren't inevitably leads to repression, perversion and anguish. Nihilism attacks judicial justice because it is based upon the whims of fashion and culture, meaning morality. It is not based upon fact or what actually happens, indeed most every historical example of morality is one of a square peg being forced through a round hole.

The destruction of all this sick system in its entirety is inevitable because it is wholly unsustainable, the only factor in question is how long will it take and how prolonged will the suffering be? Yet even that inevitability will not stop the politicos, industrialists, media bosses with their bevy of leeches and whores living off it from doing everything they can to keep it alive indefinitely.

No one really wants to swim in shit, but it's going to take a little more than chlorine to clean out this pool. Try drain and refill.

1. Berlin: The Downfall 1945, by Antony Beevor, 2002. (I hope it's clear that my commentary is not an attack on the author or his book, just making a point on the subject!)

2. Your body is mostly microbes - Microbiome results argue for new view of animals as superorganisms, ScienceNews, December 28, 2013.

3. Adam’s Curse by Bryan Sykes, 2004.

Top image: The Dance of Death by Wolgemut, 1493.

"The beginning of a revolution is in reality the end of a belief." - Gustave Le Bon


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