The CounterOrder: Your Exit From The Circus Of Values

What is this Internet site?

This site is the home of the CounterOrder, a website and communications network for Nihilists that was started in 1998 by Freydis (then called Nihilismís Home Page). This website operates under the domain name of CounterOrder.com with the word 'counterorder' being a synonym for revolution. Our revolution need not be violent just as it can be a radical change in physical surroundings or a radical alteration in perceptions and way of thinking within an individual mind. Indeed, you may already be a revolutionary!

Who is the author?
The CounterOrder is written by Freydis, the nom de guerre for an author, artist, and revolutionary based in the United States. Freydis operates both the CounterOrder website and the extensive Holology website containing commentary and analysis on a variety of topics; basically the CounterOrder is for nihilism, and Holology is for everything else. Also of note, Freydis is a community development major, and has a collection with five species of carnivorous plants. You can visit Freydis on Facebook and follow via Twitter.

What is the author's aim?
Throughout my efforts Iíve tried to make a foundation and a mental framework for others to use and elaborate upon. My main role is to act as an intellectual catalyst, activating the mental and physical energy of receptive individualís throughout the world in a coherent way.

  • Establish a critical body of information on the topic

  • Challenge and revaluate common misconceptions and assumptions of nihilism and Nihilism

  • Describe the pathways into nihilism, and the way out into a new realm: Nihilism, neo-nihilism and post-nihilism

  • Accurately describe and disentangle cause, effect, and the consequences of nihilism

  • Describe the past, present and future of Nihilism

Why do we have the CounterOder?
The CounterOrder and related productions, on and offline, exist for several reasons but primarily so that other Nihilists realize that they are not alone in the way they think and feel. If you want things to change youíve got to alter the perspective first, and in order to do that youíve got to interject radical and potent ideas into the culture. So if any goal can be ascribed to this effort it would be that much of what Iím trying to do is build a methodology that allows people to be what they are naturally without the need for superstition and fantasy to provide a false sense of protection.

Nihilism is the preeminent existential issue of our age

How did the CounterOrder (formerly Nihilism's Home Page) get started?
Although it may not seem that way now Nihilismís Home Page (NHP) never began with any strategic goal in mind. NHP originated simply as a means of expressing the primary authorís multitude of internal ideas and conflicts in order to see how other people reacted Ė part sanity check and part intellectual troubleshooting.

The CounterOrder is an evolving and ongoing effort to tackle the most important issues head-on, to become and to overcome.

Freydis on NHP origins from the FAQ page

I began studying nihilism in 1993 after I discovered the term by happenstance while browsing through an encyclopedia of Sociology. The realization of nihilism as a word and a concept was eye-opening to say the least; it matched my views and feelings on the world and the more I studied it the more fascinated I became. Reading, thinking, and writing at a frenetic pace by 1998 I had accumulated a substantial collection of handwritten notes. With the arrival of the Internet as a functional medium the progression to a website was a natural outcome. The rapidly expanding content of my Social Engineering Notebook split into Holology and the CounterOrder website youíre reading now. Much of the core content and many of the symbols and aesthetic design elements originated from drawings created during extended periods of High School boredom. Itís amazing how minor events and decisions can have such a significant impact over time.

Although the scale and depth has grown significantly since the beginning the main reason was simply to put my ideas into the public realm to see how people would react, positive or negative, and then to gain some constructive input as to the validity of those concepts. I didnít expect it to be so positively received nor did I expect as many people to agree with it! I called it Nihilism not because I set out to be a nihilist but because that's the best description I could apply to it in totality; after all, nihilism is where you go when you can't find anything to believe in.

How do I contact the author?
If you still have questions, comments or suggestions you can send an e-mail to the creator: Freydis

You can also meet Freydis online at:

Many more questions and issues have been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The outward life of men in every age is moulded upon an inward life consistent of a framework of traditions, sentiments, and moral influences which direct their conduct and maintain certain fundamental notions which they accept without discussion. Let the resistance of this social framework weaken, and ideas which could have had no force before will germinate and develop. Ė Gustave Le Bon


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